- A border country offering something for everyone

Along the coast of Flensburg Fjord lies a land shaped by quaint red-brick buildings, a land of fables, fairy tales and legends, a land rich in cultural and historical experiences, and the backdrop of a war that left Denmark in dire straits.

Whether you love exploring winding ancient pathways, dancing all night, striking a deal, or eating traditional ice cream waffles served with strawberry jam, the Southern Jutland border country offers something for everyone. The area, which is famous for its red brickworks and wild, unspoilt countryside, offers a vast range of attractions for you to enjoy along the Flensburg Fjord.

If you want to explore the area on foot, you can’t miss the Gendarme Path which runs along the fjord. Whichever direction you decide to go, there is plenty for you to do and see. The route is divided into four sections, and each section is quite unique.  There are hills and gorges – a varied landscape offering everything from rare species of birds to ancient burial mounds.

At Benniksgaard Hotel & Restaurant in Rinkenæs, test yourself with a round of golf, take in the view of the fjord, and treat yourself to a selection of Southern Jutland specialties in the hotel farm shop. A stone’s throw away is the village of Sønderhav where you can enjoy beautiful view over to the Ox Islands.

If you would rather visit a town, head out to Flensburg and Sønderborg for a perfect evening out, with a generous selection of discos, bars and restaurants set in beautiful, historic surroundings. If you decide to cross the border into Germany, where the food is cheaper, you might be tempted to fill up your car with soft drinks, beer and sweets.

If you are looking for an adventure, make sure you visit the town of Gråsten, where Gråsten Palace, with its white-washed walls, stands like a rock surrounded by wild woodland adjoining its gardens. It was here that Hans Christian Andersen wrote the world-famous fairy tale “The little Match Girl”. A statue of her stands on a street corner just outside the town centre. 

DET GAMLE RÅDHUS in the heart of Gråsten offers overnight accommodation. Every day from about 11:45 am during the summer holiday period, you can stand on the town square and watch the guardsmen march through the streets prior to changing the guard on the palace courtyard. This takes place when the royal family is in residence. When the Queen is in town, a parade with a marching band and marching drum band is held every Friday at noon.

The palace gardens are a major tourist attraction and are open to visitors whenever the Danish Royal Family is not in residence.

If you want to experience the wind of history, be careful not to be blown over at Dybbøl Banke, which is a short 5-minute drive from the centre of Sønderborg and the town’s beautiful promenade. Here, tourists and locals can enjoy sea views – over an ice cream or a draft beer. This is an historic area, so why not relive the events of the fatal battle of 1864 at the Dybbøl Banke history centre, which has pieced together the story of the dramatic battle that brought Denmark to its knees. Dybbøl windmill is also at Dybbøl Banke. The windmill has been rebuilt several times after it was destroyed in the devastating Schleswig wars and is now used for exhibitions and activities for people of all ages.

The whole area is steeped in ancient myths, legends and echoes from the 1864 war – it has everything from enchanted hares, shrapnel, and war graves.

Explore the area to your heart’s content – only your imagination will set the limits.




Gråsten is only a small town,
but it offers so much to do and see.



- A wild gallop




- The town with the old beech trees




The idyllic charm of Southern Jutland, the romance of a royal palace and the appeal of an historic market town lie within easy reach of the throb and beat of some major European cities. The unique ambience and culture of the Danish border country merge with a rural idyll and magnificent natural surroundings.

Gråsten is a hub of Danish culture with the Danish Royal Family’s summer residence at the heart of the town. The town is also part of the Danish border country’s unique history with its global outlook, verve, energy and modernity, forces that are all embedded into the heart and soul of the town. Perhaps this is why Gråsten has for centuries attracted royalty, artists and creative spirits. The place is a source of inspiration and meaning. It encourages visitors to consider what really matters and to be themselves. This is a place to create your own little kingdom.

Gråsten offers so much to do and see. Follow the footsteps of the Danish border control patrol by exploring the gendarme trail, or discover the woodlands or the magical world of the palace gardens.

Explore the rich variety of traditions and events that the people of Gråsten hold dear – experience the annual apple sailing event out on the fjord, admire the decorations in the town for the annual apple festival, watch hundreds of old models take part in the veteran car rally or join in the ring-riding contest which has its roots in the Middle Ages.

You don’t have to be here long before you sense a real sense of warmth, openness and hospitality – we will give you a welcome fit for a king.

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